Fire Fighter
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Think the SCBA is just a component for providing air? Think again.

Today's SCBA are a technology system that equips firefighters with revolutionary safety capabilities - now and in the future. Emergency situations and outdated technology are a dangerous combination. Firefighters and communities deserve better.

With the MSA G1 SCBA, buy today and keep pace with safety improvements for the next 15 years.

A Changing World

Firefighting is different now, thanks to increased heat load, duration, and toxicity of structural fires. These trends, combined with evolving technology in firefighter protection, require a new approach to safety equipment challenges.

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Maximum Situational Awareness

When teams arrive at a structural fire, it's absolutely critical to share information quickly and accurately from minute one.

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Better physical protection

Stress and physical strain are the number one cause of injury, so it's important to limit the pressure in order to keep teams safe.

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Return on investment

Without a doubt, SCBA are a major investment - not only financially, but from a time perspective as well.

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