Fire Fighter

Situational Awareness

Thanks to modern, synthetic construction materials that burn hotter and faster, firefighters have less time to do their life-saving job1. That means when teams arrive at a structural fire, it's absolutely critical to share information quickly and accurately from minute one.

The advanced features of the MSA G1 SCBA helps firefighters improve situational awareness with the ability to:

  • Speak clearly via a standard, integrated, noise-cancelling voice amplifier
  • See through smoke with help from the G1's integrated TIC
  • Keep better track of personal air progress and each other with advanced air management features

1Source: Hotter and Faster: How to Fight a Modern Fire, Patience Haggin,, July 2012.

MSA G1 SCBA: Communications Explained

Real safety is not just about air supply; it's about being able to see, hear, and react to incredibly risky situations.

The MSA G1 SCBA helps ensure firefighters can:


Speak clearly via a standard, integrated, noise-cancelling voice amplifier


See through smoke to prevent injury or find a vital escape with help from the G1's integrated TIC


Keep better track of personal air progress and each other with advanced air management features

Improved Situational Awareness

With its noise-cancelling voice amplifier, the MSA G1 SCBA helps ensure firefighters can speak clearly no matter what's happening around them. And with a TIC integrated into the unit, teams can see through smoke to prevent injuries or find vital escapes. Plus, the team is armed with advanced air management features to better track personal air progress - and each other.

The MSA G1 SCBA supports the information lifecycle of clear, communication among all team members on every scene. It radically improves situational awareness to help teams make faster, better decisions.

Eliminate background noise

The MSA G1 SCBA Breathing Apparatus provides clear, consistent voice communication no matter how loud the surrounding environment.

  • Listen to voices instead of alarms: The system integrates an electronic voice amplifier that cancels out interference caused by background noise.
  • Hear more precisely: The amplifier is located on the SCBA instead of the facepiece for clearer communication.
  • No separate on-off switch: The amplifier is connected to a single, central battery located on the unit.
  • Expand communication range: The amplifier links wirelessly through Bluetooth to Motorola APX radios with no added cost.
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Get sight back in heavy smoke

The G1 features the equipment no firefighter should be without.

  • Always with the firefighter: The thermal camera is integrated directly into the SCBA.
  • Less expensive: A fully integrated cameras means limited extra expense.
  • No more dead batteries: The camera connects to a centralized battery that operates the entire SCBA.
  • Single-unit operation: The entire SCBA operates as a unit with fewer wires to get snagged or stuck, and no extra power buttons to remember.
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Get at-a-glance air status

Advanced air management features track personnel and team air levels, clear and simple.

  • Easy to use: Exact air-time-remaining is displayed on each personal device.
  • Clear team communication: Remaining air data is transmitted directly to incident command.
  • Quickly identify an issue: Buddy lights can be seen around each team member to show firefighter stance (standing, on the ground, facing forward), while color-coded indictors show how air is tracking.
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New TIC Technology

MSA's new TIC technology is integrated into the G1 SCBA control module, making a camera for every firefighter a reality. Enable your team to be faster and more effective from initial 360 to overhaul.

Integrated Directly into the SCBA
  • No additional bulky equipment added to your facepiece or hanging from your gear
  • Powered by the G1's single integrated power source; never check multiple batteries again
  • Single button functionality allows for simple, intuitive use
  • Auto-on feature with SCBA
  • Compatible with all G1 SCBA via a simple field upgrade
Part of the MSA G1 Platform of the Future
  • Lightweight - only adds 4.2 oz. over the standard G1 Control Module
  • Large 220 x 176 display with five color palettes ensures crystal clear images
  • Full five year warranty on the thermal imager; additional extended warranty available up to 15 years
  • Compliant - NFPA 1981 & 1982, 2013 Editions

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